20 Questions with a 
New Grant Writing Client

You've got a new prospective client on the horizon - congrats, my friend!! 
That's a big, exciting step in building your grant writing business!

But you may be wondering...NOW what?

With this mini-lesson and template, I'll tell you exactly what.

Look like the grant writing expert you are.

Nonprofit staff and board members are busy. They don't have time to run back and forth answering questions. 

But how do you know what to ask in the first place?

I've talked with LOTS of nonprofits over the years. I realized two big things about onboarding new clients:
1. It doesn't have to be hard if you follow a simple system.
2. It can GREATLY increase your chances of winning grants (and decrease your stress level!)

That's why I created a simple, repeatable formula you can use when you're talking with a prospective grant writing client.

The quick guide will cover:
     1) Basic background info to collect
     2) Deeper questions to help you get a good snapshot of the organization
     3) A plug-and-go template to organize your notes

The template is waiting for you to copy and use on your next client.

It's time to fast forward your grant success.


Grant Writer

This list helped me a ton. Even though I'm a fairly new grant writer, it made me feel like I knew what I was doing. The conversation with the new client went great!

  • 20 Questions with a New Grant Writing Client
  • $9 USD

    Be the expert.